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A Brief Overview of the HCG Diet Menu

There are three phases to the HCG diet. You only take HCG for the first two. The diet begins with a loading phase which lasts two days. Then, you move on to the low-calorie diet phase for 23 to 40 days. The last phase is the maintenance phase and it lasts three weeks.

There is no specific menu for the 2-day loading phase. You take your HCG (oral drops are recommended) and you eat as much as you can and stay full all day long for two days. This phase helps signal to your body that enough food and fat are available so it will feel ok about burning the fat instead of the muscles in your body during the diet phase.

The HCG diet menu for the diet phase is a lot stricter. You have specific choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but you can take items from lunch and eat them at breakfast time if you like. The only thing that matters is that you stick to the list of foods and eat only the quantities specified for each day.

The diet for the diet phase is a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, low-fat, high-protein (compared to the amount of other foods you consume) diet. Your food choices are mainly low-fat meat, vegetables, and fruit. The diet specifies drinking at least eight cups of water (or another acceptable liquid such as tea) each day.

Drinking enough water should be on the agenda even when you’re not dieting. It helps prevent dry skin and aids your immune system in fighting infection. I’ve noticed that I don’t need to use products like chapstick or lotion (I live in a dry climate) anywhere near as often when I’m good about drinking enough water.

This is good because you need to stay away from using certain lotions and skincare products containing oils while on the diet. Interestingly enough, the HCG diet plan will target the oils in these products instead of your body fat. So, all your hard work dieting would be wasted.

Also, sometimes people mistake thirst for hunger so it’s good to drink a bit of water and wait a minute or two to see if that was thing your body needed before you eat a snack. This is a nice trick for cutting back on calories.

Enough with the preliminaries, here is a brief overview of the HCG diet menu:

For breakfast you pretty much stick to tea or coffee without any sugar (use liquid Stevia or saccharin to sweeten if you like). Drink these liquids in as large of quantities as you want since they contain very low amounts of calories and fat when there is no added sugar or cream. You are allowed one tablespoonful of milk in 24 hours so you may want to use it here.

Lunch is much more interesting. You get a decent serving of meat: 3.5 ounces (100 grams) weighed raw of chicken breast, beef, fresh white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp. You must remove any fat you can see and cook your meat either by boiling or grilling it.

You may have one of the following vegetables with your lunch: spinach, chicory, chard, beet greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions (you could use these to season your meat—just an idea), red radishes, cabbage, asparagus, or cucumbers.

For fruit you can have one apple, orange, handful of strawberries, or half of a grapefruit. The last item allowed for your lunch is an Italian bread stick referred to as grissini, or one piece of Melba toast (I found these near the crackers last time I went to the store).

Dinner choices are exactly the same as lunch, but be sure to mix and match your choices to keep yourself from going insane. After the diet phase, you will need to do three weeks of the maintenance phase with no starches or sugars and that, my friends, is the diet in a nutshell.